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Our company deals with the production and assembly of elements made of natural stones such as: granite, marble, onyx, travertine and quartz and marble conglomerates.

We offer professional assistance in the design phase as well as the selection of appropriate materials.

We are a modern stone factory with a wide offer.

We produce, among others: kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, stairs, window sills, fireplaces, facades, stone furniture as well as granite cubes and tiles.

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Encyclopedic definition


Stones – one of the granulometric fractions, i.e. the population of mineral particles or rock fragments of a certain size.

The stones are usually rock fragments.

The word „stone” is often found in construction (where apart from road stones

and construction stones, there are also decorative and facade stones) and in jewelry (where there are precious and decorative stones)

In such cases, it does not necessarily mean that they have the „size” of the stone fraction, and we wish you to find the precious ones in the granite, marble, quartzite, onyx and travertine fractions we offer.

Definicja encyklopedyczna


Azul Bahia

Na zdjęciu przykładowy fragment wypolerowanego granitu Azul Bahia, pochodzący ze wschodniej Brazylii. Wyróżnia się niesamowitymi odcieniami niebieskiego (i czasem zielonego) i należy do grupy kamieni premium.

Kamieniarstwo – dział rzemiosła zajmujący się wydobywaniem i obróbką kamienia.Kamieniarstwo polega na wydobywaniu bloków kamiennych, z kamieniołomów, a następnie ich obróbce. Jest jednym z niewielu działów rzemiosła, który nie ulega zanikowi.Kamieniarstwo zajmuje się produkcją nagrobków i elementów budowlanych. Obecnie nagrobki wykonane są najczęściej ze skał magmowych lub metamorficznych, natomiast w budowlance wykorzystuje się również skały osadowe. W kamieniołomach wydobywa się duże bloki skalne, które następnie są cięte na płyty o różnej grubości (slaby), slaby są polerowane, tak by uzyskać połysk. Wypolerowane płyty są cięte na poszczególne elementy, w których poleruje się zewnętrzne powierzchnie po cięciu lub frezuje i poleruje obrzeża.


A wide selection of stones from all over the world

We import natural stones from all over the world and adapt them to your interior.

We provide services in the field of production and processing of natural stone for the construction, architectural, finishing and funeral industry.

We produce and install stone furniture, countertops, window sills, stairs, fireplaces, facades, tombstones and tombs.


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Granite – deep-sea acid rock with open-crystalline structure. Light gray (in the Tatra Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains), less often pink and red (in the Karkonosze Mountains). Application: Due to the availability of large blocks, ease of cutting and polishing, aesthetic value, strength and acid resistance, it is used in construction as building stone (blocks, curbs, cubes, grit) and decorative stones (cladding boards). Granite is used in speedway sports: it is the surface of the track, which greatly reduces the grip of the wheels, making the sport spectacular. As well as in curling, as a material for the production of curling stones.


Marble – a metamorphic rock formed from the transformation of limestones, less often dolomites. It has been used since antiquity as a valuable building, sculptural and architectural material. In Poland, marble is mined only in the Sudetes.

In construction, marble is used for interior finishing. Its most common uses are countertops, stairs, floors and walls. A characteristic feature of marble is that it conducts heat very well. A marble floor is perfect for heated floors – the heat from the underfloor heating system will be transferred to the room very quickly.


Quartzite – solid rock, the dominant granular component of which is quartz of the sand fraction and the binder is recrystallized silica.

Quartzites are very hard and cohesive. Quartzites can be light gray, gray-blue, brown or yellow-red. Quartzites are resistant to mechanical treatment, exceeding granite. They are used in the refractory industry and as aggregate in road construction.


Onyx – a mineral, a variety of chalcedony with a parallel arrangement of layers, alternating white and black. Onyxes are rocks that are relatively rare in nature. Onyx comes in gray, green and red, and even brown.

In construction, these stones have been used as a decorative material, because onyx is a transparent mineral and transmits light easily. Onyxes can be used for fireplace cladding, interior wall cladding, washbasins, mirror frames, bathroom countertops, flower pots, illuminated tables.


Travertine – a porous sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcite and aragonite. Known as the Egyptian alabaster, it was already used in ancient Egypt to make statues and vases. In many places where it was common, it was used (due to the ease of processing) as the basic building material. Currently, it is used in construction as a decorative material. facade of St. Peter in the Vatican, the builders used building materials from Tivoli.

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